Design Management

This is our point of departure. Here we ensure a complete and precise vision for each project, analyzing and planning lean construction execution, hand-in-hand with our clients, to ensure clarity and compromise of all parties involved in the project during each step of the process. This includes synergy between collaborative design and throughout all phases of construction.



At Nuñez we understand the impact scheduling has in the efficiency and quality of your construction. We are proud to be recognized by our clients, for our outstanding commitment and achievement in our scheduling services and its impact on project delivery and budget optimization.


Phasing Plans

Our team members at every construction site are of utmost value to us.
Therefore, we follow very strict compliance of all construction phasing plans.


Budget/cost modeling

When we deliver each construction project, we make sure it is within our target cost every time. We have extensive experience analyzing and developing modeling budgets & costs, taking into account all aspects that always guarantee high quality standards in our execution.


Procurement & Cost Control

We aren’t fond of undesired surprises! At Nuñez, we continuously monitor costs from our modeling process and through each phase of construction to secure proper procurement within budget allocation



If you are interested in bidding a construction project we will be glad to listen to your project and see your initial blueprints to present our bid. We will expeditiously submit accurate and competitive bids.


Value Engineering

Our process takes value engineering into account from its initial stages, involving key players at this stage, who fully analyze a project's function and value in order determine those alternatives that meet function objectives while finding solutions that add value.


Sub-contractor pre-qualification

We take pride in our team and each member's professionalism and high skill level. All our sub-contractors are pre-qualified and have been part of our building team for many years, harmonizing with our corporate culture and who share our way of communicating.

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