Continuously monitoring advances vs. our schedule performance, allows us to identify our stages of progress, as well as determine opportunities for improvement and problem-solving that are later executed to meet our deadlines and cost efficiencies.


Quality Control & Testing

Quality control and testing are fundamental in determining the overall quality of a project. Implementing regular quality controls & tests, procurement and field inspections are responsibility of our Project Managers, counting on senior supervision, and are part of our formal operational procedures.


Safety Management

At Nuñez we tie Safety Management very closely to Quality Control & Testing, as safety must be monitored continuously throughout a project as part of our integral quality process. It goes without saying how important safety is in every endeavor.


Sub-contractor Management

Our sub-contractors are an integral part of our team from the initial stages of each project. Our pre-selection process aligns subcontractors of specific skills and profiles to projects that require these skills. Our operational processes ensure that they are in the loop of project requirements, specification, scheduling and function through the project.

Our Sub-contractor Management ensures that goals are met on time, quality specifications are clearly established and that the adjustments that may be required are communicated and executed along the way. At the end, it is our team that delivers, working like gears of a clock.



No construction project can be successful without proper and continuous communication. At Nuñez, communication starts at the beginning of each project aligning key players, including our clients, designers and architects. We hold weekly advancement meetings to analyze our project delivery, quality assurance & schedule, adjusting perks as needed. Throughout the day, our Project Managers are in communication with our sub-contractors and with upper management as part of our culture.

We hold one continuous conversation with our clients throughout the project, as they are critical players that must be in complete alignment.

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