Certificate of Occupancy

We have built close relationship during the years with local government building departments which helps expedite the process of obtaining permits and Certificate of Occupancy for our clients´ projects.


As-Built documentation

At the end of each construction, we supply accurate As-Built documents of the architectural and engineering plans, that provide record of the work remodeled or constructed.


Operations & Management

Operations & Management is the heart of each project. We count on a strong program and professional talents that manage our construction teams, schedules and costs for each project, continuously improving our processes through each experience.


Final Close-out

Final close out means just that! We cross check and ensure that all specifications for each project have been accounted for to close the project, complying with the standards of quality agreed upon, proceeding to a final close out.


Being Green

At Nuñez Construction we respect green building practices, in the interest of sustainability. We have been Member of the United States Green Building Council since 2007.

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