At Nuñez, we understand that every client has different needs and that each project is subject to different conditions. Therefore, we offer a series of delivery methods that best adjust to your specific needs:


Stipulated Price (Lump Sum)

When you have a project that has a well-defined scope, you may wish to consider working with a lump sum contract. The reach is clear, and so is the cost. However, this agreement requires determining the specific reach and detail to ensure a perfect build.


Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

This proposal is quite straight-forward. If we max your budget, it is on us. When we manage to make any savings, you will be refunded. We are reimbursed based on actual costs of work + a fixed maximum fee.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

This is based on team work and communication. Contractor, designer and owner work closely, deciding together on key issues to the benefit of the project. Communication and agreement is fundamental to reduce losses, as all parties share risks and profits.


Construction Management

Preliminary planning, scheduling and cost management is delegated to our team. We ensure compliance with construction requirements and oversee the design team, subcontractors and suppliers to carry out the work.


Project Management

We act as a third party that helps keep order when another team takes on the design, management and construction of your direction.

Our project management will take care of it all. We focus on reducing risk by keeping tight budget and schedule controls. We supervise your permits, schedules, insurance, validate your plans and specifications, administer your contracts, validate plans with suppliers and subcontractors, and execute subcontractor management. If you need anything else, we'll do it to give you peace of mind.



Our design-build management is all about quality and efficiency. It is a great model for short term projects. We make sure the design and construction of the structure is properly executed and assume the risks associated with costs and schedules.

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